Multiple Streams of income

I have always traded time for money. Whether in a regular 9-5 job or as an in-home computer technician. My 9-5 has its benefits for sure - health insurance, stability, comfort. Both my freelance and 9-5 have the same thing in common though - I am being paid for my time. I do love my job. The company I work for has a huge amount of flexibility with time off and hours worked and is challenging to the point of keeping me engaged without being burnt out.

Even given my ideal job situation I have been thinking about creating additional income streams for a few months. Initially, I set my goal to be $10.00 of passive income per month. As of today, I'm $2.39 of the way there. Yesterday, on July 9th, I published a UWP app on the Windows Store that allows users to use their Windows 10 device to control TP-Link smart plugs on their home network. Shameless plug (pun intended) - it's available here for 99 cents. Additional details and a screenshot can be found on my projects page. So far, the app has made three sales. THAT. BLOWS. MY. MIND.

I talked to a good friend that has a similar utility in the Microsoft Store and through conversation realized that over the past five years their app has been sold over 8,000 times. Dividing that out over 60 months that is ~133 copies sold per month on average. If my app performs anywhere near that level I will have exceeded my $10.00 a month goal by at least 10x.

Thank you for reading and if you like what I'm doing please feel free to check out any of my projects here.